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Pictures of Locomotives in the land of Canada.
At the other end of the train that is tied down behind me, the track is lined in the other direction instead of straight through.
Canadian Pacific Railway Holiday Train in Toronto, Ontario on a chilly December 2nd, 2008.
BOO! 4107 is still resting with its engine off as a new crew arrives to start her up before leaving.
Canadian National Railway an EMD GP9RM Locomotive sits shutdown while the crew is taken away in a Ford 450 Crew Cab for rest. Taken with permission...
Canadian National Railway EMD GP9RM - 4107 and 4102 are shutdown and tied down, because the crew ran out of time. Asked to take a picture with...
A painted mural picture on the platform behind and underneath the Kennedy GO Train Station, which a lot of commuters pass-by everyday and don't know...
A painted mural picture on the bottom of the Kennedy GO Train Station, shows like a EMD F40-PH Locomotive in GO Transit colours.
EMD SW1200 - 1159 
EMD SD40-2 - 6026 and 6621 
Haul along cut of cars out of the Agincourt, Ontario yard. 
These are remote control units with the...
EMD SD40-2 6026 and 6621 are working in pairs as they usually do for hump operations.
GO Transit - EMD F59-PH 539 resting at Oshawa, Ontario before a return trip back west towards Union Station in Toronto on Saturday, January 24th,...
Canadian National Railway 4130 and 4121 - EMD GP9RM are waiting for track clearance before they proceed onto the GE CO Spur.

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