View Full Version : SRNJ out as operator of Salem, NJ branch

10-19-2009, 08:14 PM
There was an attempt by another group to get the SRNJ's contract voided earlier this year. This article sheds some light onto what was going on behind the scenes. The new operator of the line is U.S. Rail, which bought out the former Great Miami RR trackage in Ohio.


I have no word on any resultant motive power or operational changes at this point. More as it becomes available.

As reference, this branch typically operated M-Sa, with runs to the Conrail interchange at Swedesboro on Tu-Th-Sa, and local switching in Salem M-W-F. SRNJ's active power on the line was GP9s 101-102. The two former BLE FP7s and ex P&W U18B were also used at various points in the last several years, though all of those were out of service to the best of my knowledge. They would be assumed to be moved to Winslow Jct. at some point, unless the geeps were sold to U.S. Rail.

10-20-2009, 01:52 PM
One bit to add, the folks at SRNJ say "Not so fast." This article was the first they had heard of any change in operator, and the "non-payment' may well have been an issue of Mr. Petaccio holding on to money owed him by the county. Needless to say, the legal precedings surrounding all of this are still active, so things may yet turn out differently.

12-21-2009, 08:18 PM
Have received confirmation this has indeed taken place, effective 12/12/09. Power for the line is SRNJ GP9s 100/102 leased by USRail for the meantime, plus an unidentified EMD switcher. All other SRNJ power (2 FP7s, 44 tonner, and U18B) should return to Winslow Jct.