View Full Version : L&C Trestle Set On Fire

Joe the Photog
11-06-2009, 06:00 AM
According to the Lancaster News, an L&C Railway trestle was set on fire this past Tuesday. Here's the link --


This is in Lancaster on the Original 29. It's in a part of the line that is kinda remote. I can't believe a SUV got down there. Here's a MapQuest scene of the area --


The map does not show how remote the area is down there. Old Landsford Road is closed now. I don't believe the unnamed road that shows to be crossing the tracks is there anymore. It's so remote that I don't have a shot from that location and I've never seen one from there either.

This brings about interesting questions. The article says that trains have not been able to pass the spot to go "from" AmeriSteel or ADM. The L&C typically starts off their Mondays with a train at ADM, then heads west where I believe they normally tie down somewhere in Chester. If this is true, then trains haven't been able to take loaded cars to ADM. It also means most of their power is out of Lancaster with the possible exception of the two end cabs and whatever motor may have been getting serviced in Lancaster. They my have had to send end cabs to Kershaw.

The article calls it "major damage," but the picture shows that, at the very least, it was just damaged, not destroyed. It does bring about interesting questions about what would happen had it been destroyed or if it had taken more than a few days to repair it.