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11-11-2009, 08:46 PM
Today was one of those days where I was just plain tired of not railfanning for so long (last appreciable time out was in AUGUST!!!) and I committed to going to the WW despite the absolutely miserable weather. Nice to catch up with friends there and see what was going on. 86 took roughly 20 cars each way today. They worked the asphalt plant at Inwood for about an hour this morning before heading north. Also stopped at the wye in Martinsburg to pick up 5 from the CSX interchange there. Today's power was WW GP9 445 and Black River SD9M 9581, elephant style. It sounds like they (the VA Division, that is) are pretty pleased with the SD9, but not raving quite as much as the NJ Division was. They tried it as a "one unit wonder" on 86 last week and it was unable to pull 35 cars out of Vardo. So, don't expect to see it solo. It does sound like more ex SD9Ms will be coming to the property, and the heavy Hagerstown trains will probably be a prime spot to see a pair of these units if and when this comes to pass.

Business is really good for them right now, and they brought back a 5000 ton train from NS at Vardo yesterday. For a shortline, this is an impressive train.

As reference for those who have been wondering about times on this train, they showed up on the call at 0700, and after handling paperwork and all the switching at Inwood were on the move at 0845. They likely didn't make it into Vardo until around 1115 today, and passed through downtown Martinsburg around 0930.

I'll post a couple of photos, provided any of my slides turn out in visible condition from today's dreary weather. Sometimes, you've just got to shoot!

11-15-2009, 01:01 AM
Mike, you stated the Geep led the SD. Did SD lead on the return?

I have observed them several times at Vardo and they can either run around the train once in the NS yard and return with the south unit leading or they can run the power around the train by using the wye and head back south with the same unit leading. This latter is what they did on my last visit as they pulled the train on one leg, ran power the other two legs to get on the rear and then backed into Vardo. By doing this they led with the same unit all day.

You got to get our more often,


11-15-2009, 03:45 AM
Plan was to run the wye with the power at Vardo, so 445 would have led both ways if they stuck with the plan. They wanted 9581 headed for Gore. Sounds like power swaps are happening a lot lately. 86 used to have the same few units most of the time, but it's been varying greatly for the last couple of weeks.

11-27-2009, 07:24 PM
Here are some shots from the Veterans Day outting with the WW.

1. 445 leads train 86 through downtown Martinsburg, WV passing an abandoned mill that was probably once an important part of the town's economy-- not now.

2. 86 works the CSX interchange at Martinsburg.

3. Another angle of the train making its pickup.

4. 86 northbound through Williamsport Station, MD. The train is now on NS trackage, which begins at the feed mill in the background and continues for approximately 6 miles to Vardo Yard in Hagerstown.