View Full Version : POTB to file to discontinue freight service

12-08-2009, 05:16 PM
Originally reported as an abandonment of the Port of Tillamook Bay RR, but clarified to be a filing with the STB to discontinue freight service over the entire line. However, this will permit the Oregon Coast Scenic RR to continue their excursions on the western end of the system. Filing should come today, if it's not on the STB site already.

It's a shame to see what was a classic Oregon shortline come to an end, but at least something will continue to move on a portion of the line. I always wanted to make it out there to photograph a brace of SD9s in action, but mother nature beat me to the railroad.

For those not familiar with this operation, it was severely damaged by flooding a couple of years ago, and at least one time previous around 1998 if memory serves correct. The cost of rebuilding the line this time simply exceeded available funding and rationale for continuing to rebuild the line only to have it destroyed and needing millions in repairs yet again.

12-08-2009, 08:39 PM
Too bad, this road seemed like a classic Oregon branchline, bringing back the days of SP and BN SD9's roaring through the fir forests. Wouldve liked to shoot it but hard when your about as geographically far away as possible within the US.