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12-28-2009, 03:13 AM
Have a buddy who wants to take his girlfriend and her kids to ride the steam train at Strasburg. I am hoping to help him have a little fan time during the same trip.

Questions I am not able to answer: Do any trains run all the way to Amtrak at Paradise? or do they all turn back at the siding? I know I have seen photos in years past of the steamers next to the Keystone line. Is this done only on special trains?

Which direction do the steam engines face? Which is best for photos morning or afternoons? Looking at the current schedule the trains are all bunched around mid-day so this may not matter. Is the schedule expanded in the summer?

Do trains ever meet, assuming they have more than one operating train at a time, at the siding or does one train make a round trip and return to the station in time to make the next departure?

12-28-2009, 03:45 AM
All trains run to the Amtrak junction at Paradise (Leaman Place). Here, the engine, which has led tender-first from Strasburg, runs around the train. All steam engines face west, so photos are better in the afternoon. In the winter, with just three trains a day, only one engine and trainset is used. In the spring and summer, the schedule is expanded (when trains start running every half hour). When two trains are running, all meets take place at Groff's Grove, the siding at the midpoint of the line.

- Chris