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12-18-2004, 12:28 PM
pics can been seen on

in 1 month from now i will be doing a train trip to london and i would like to share it with you her is my itinerary dt=(domestic train)

26/12/2004 Oudenaarde-Brussels-South 18:32-19:19 IC L Poperinge-St Niklaas 2nd Class (dt) MS 80 (equipment from 1980)

26/12/2004 Brussels South-London Waterloo 20:25-21:56 Eurostar 9163 (2nd Class/coach 2/Seat 28 ) Eurostar

29/12/2004 London Waterloo-Brussels South 12:39-16:10 Eurostar 9132 (2nd Class/coach 15/seat 41) Eurostar

29/12/2004 Brussels South-Oudenaarde 16:44-17:26 IC L St-Niklaas-Poperinge M6 (equipment from 2002)(dt)

hope you enjoy reading

12-30-2004, 03:42 PM
day 1 of 4

hey a very merry X-mas to everybody

sunday i left to London for a few days here is the report

we left around 18:00 to the station where whe arrived 10 mins later
my dad and i wanted to buy an upgrade at the ticket at ticket counter but it was closed so we used the selve-serve machine where whe bought an Upgrade and 20mins later our train arrived

IC L Poperinge-St Niklaas
Oudenaarde platf. 2 18:34 GMT+1
Brussels Midi platf. 9 19:19 GMT+1
1st CLass/1st Coach
MS 80/424
left: 18:37
arrived: 19:19
load factor: 50%

1nce we got seated in our train we played,talked,.... the train Condoctor took stampt out tickets and then we arrived in Brussels (after 7 stops)
then i saw a Eurostar with the old seats (damm)

after we got off the train we went to eat some pizza at the Panosrail at the Station after that whe looked at the bord and we saw this

20:25 Eurostar 9163 London-Waterloo L A Open
after checking in aroud 19:35 whe waited for some stuff
- UK entry

finally at 19:55 wher passes thru this (finally) and my dad bought a newspaper

i found on the board

Platform 2
Eurostar 9163
20:25 London Waterloo on Time
Please wait for the boarding call

then my dad and i went to the door where it showed now boarding

Eurostar 9163
Brussels Midi 20:25 platf. 2 GMT+1
London Waterloo 21:56 platf. 24 GMT
Left 20:25
Arrived 22:04
Engine 3013
2nd Class/2nd Coach/seat 27 aisle/seat 25 Window
Onboard leader: ms Hennie
Assistant: Mr Frank
Barman: Mr Jeremy
load factor Brussels 50%
Lille 28%
Asford 25%

whe left ZYR on time and started rolling i went to the bar and got my dad and i somthing to eat at about 21:00 whe stopt in Lille for a few minutes after that i went to the bar again to buy me and my dad somthing hot to eat i noticed that Eurostar has cut back on its service (eurostar did have seris competetion the last years thru low cost carriers ) so i got my some chicken and my dad came over

at about 21:35 we went to the channel tunnel and i walked back to my seat on my way back i took a survey about the chicken

at 20:55 we enterd the UK and 10 minutes later we stoppped in ASford
after that i started to take pics
i heard over a few years back that it is not allowed to go from 2nd to first Class so i asked Jeremy i it was allowed and he replied "sure go ahead"

after that i told him i was going to make a trip report on this trip and gave him the link (Jeremy if you are readfing this i hope you enjoy it)

at 22:05 we arrived in London and waited 4ever for a Taxi

finally at 22:45 we left to the Jurys CLifton Ford hotel once in our room i put of my shoes and ate Sandwiches wth red grilled onins and roast beef yum )

i went to bed at about midnight

more to come...

01-09-2005, 05:34 PM
sorry that i am late but my PC crashed and then i was in the US

wel i got up at about 7:30 am after getting dressed and eating breakfast we walked to oxford street where we took the tube to Harrods (wich was closed)
so we decided to go to Buckigham Palace i noticed a BA 744 aproaching London after that i saw an IB A320 and a LH A321 then we went back to the crowded oxord street (no kidding it was) and eat italian after that we went back to the Jurdys CLifton Ford hotel and took a swim

by then it was time to eat dinner so we went to Papaganos (near Covent Garden) and eat there after that we looked at BIG BEN at night and then went to bed at 22:40

more to come

01-09-2005, 05:47 PM
today whe got up at 7 again and we left the hotel about 9 whe started with Harrods (wich was open) and then took a cab to some clothing store after that we took the tube to our hotel and ate spaghetti on our way after that whe left again torwards Big Ben, BA london eye (did not went there cuz 4-hour wait),Tower bridge and Transportation museum

when that was done whe went to our hotel to change clothes and then went to watch the musical fame

after that we returned to the hotel and went to sleep about 22:30