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03-17-2010, 02:40 PM
Ex Nash County Railway GP38 345 was recently sighted at Gulf & Ohio's Knoxville Locomotive Works relettered for the Sequatchie Valley RR in South Pittsburg, TN. No idea when it will ship, but likely very soon. It remains in G&O black with large 345 on the rear portion of the long hood with SQVR on the cab side.

Primary power for the SQVR, which has always had an eclectic assortment of power over the years, is currently ex NS B23-7 3986, which remains in full NS paint with small "PBR" lettering under the number, which is the Pine Belt Southern, an affiliated operation that was shut down over 10 years ago.

03-17-2010, 04:46 PM
Does SQVR have any actual customers to justify buying a second unit? I figured they were just in the business of storing cars and collecting junk. Would like to go out there and shoot some of that stuff, thats for sure.

03-17-2010, 05:50 PM
US Gypsum at Bridgeport is their main customer. They were also working a plastics plant right where their tracks go under I-24 a while back, but I'm unsure if they are still doing that.

Short of some new business, they could probably make it with the power they have unless something has happened to the GE. SQVR has always been a "power shopper" you might say. I think if he sees a deal on a locomotive, he buys it whether he needs it or not. For years they had a deadline of at least half a dozen units sitting in downtown S. Pittsburg, and at any given moment only one was running. The most interesting thing they ever did was throw the newer Flexicoil trucks from their old Illinois Terminal SW1200 underneath NW2 1686. Made for an interesting creation. I don't believe either of those units are still operating, and 1686 was the only thing they've ever had with some sort of a paint scheme, and that was just "Sequatchie Valley" stenciled on a marked out Conrail blue paint job.

04-02-2010, 04:06 PM
Drum roll, please. Here is SQVR 345...


Some how, I'm thinking the theater went dead silent after the curtain was drawn...

04-02-2010, 10:39 PM
Wow, 345 looks pretty sad. A new coat of black would've been nice.

It's a small world; I went to high school beside the Nash County and 345 used to come by all the time...looking quite a bit fresher those days. I went off to college, and when I came back 345 was gone along with the GP10's used there. I must've seen that thing go by 500 times. As I recall the GP10's were G&O 8330, 8420, and 8047 (plus a YVRR GP9 in their old red and white paint for a few months.)

04-03-2010, 08:28 PM
Since i last posted i had a chance to visit the SQVRR, hope you dont mind if i add a trip report into here.
The SQVR is one of the oddest shortline railroad operations ive ever visited. I started the tour in South Pittsburgh when i came over the Tennessee River bridge i spotted the former PBS B23-7 parked in the open in good light!
We then moved north to see if there was anything at the Industrial Park, the main between here and Jasper was blocked by a long string of storage cars.
We had expected the rest of the line was dead, but at the industrial park we found a G&O SW1500, and it was running!
The crew quickly showed up and pulled off to switch an industry.

We then headed back to South Pittsburg, not much doing in the yard, stuff rusting to the rails or ground in case of the slug.
Moving towards Bridgeport we find another unit at the Gypsum plant, note another string of stored cars, i cant image how long it takes them to get cars from Jasper to Bridgeport or vice versa having to move these long strings of storage cars off the main each time.
Further down we find this IT Painted SW1200, the railroad seems to have a unit for each customer.
The rest of the units were rusting to the rails in Bridgeport, id really have loved to see the U18B run but itll never happen. The pics arnt great, light was totally wrong but was going to shoot this stuff one way or the other.

Joe the Photog
04-04-2010, 02:00 AM
Nice to see ex-Yadkin Valley #201. For some reason, I thought they were all scrapped. Been meaning to get up to that railroad for ten or more years. That high hood NS B23-7 still looks nice. Someone should rescue that one to a museum.