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09-07-2003, 02:46 PM
I got three rejects this morning, not realy a big deal since I have the pictures displayed on my website anyway-but to avoid making the same mistake again could someone clarify the position regarding pictures that look the same please?

These were accepted:

But these two were rejected,


The reason was that they were similar to previously uploaded pictures. I can't disagree with that because they certainly are similar, but they were not the same trains, one of the rejects was the same class type as previously uploaded but a different unit number. I can't say I'm not disappointed at the the ones I've listed getting rejected because they were actually a different type of train from the ones uploaded earlier and there are no examples of that class type currently in the database.

So what about my next batch of uploads, I spent three hours on a bridge next to the Crdiff-London main line and have plenty of good quality images that can be uploaded, if I restrict myself to uploading only one picture of each type of train from any given location then there are a lot
of good pictures that are just not going to get the audience they deserve. Although on a positive note I guess that it would 'raise the bar' quality wise!


09-07-2003, 03:55 PM
IMO, they are all very nice pictures, and I always thought if it's a different locomotive number they would accept them all. It's like looking through aircraft databases, you may see three photos of an Air Canada A320-200 taking off that seem to be exactly the same, however they have different registrations, and all got accepted. On top of that, your photos actually depicted different types...hm...strange, I guess the screeners could give you a better explanation.

Curtis Wininger
09-07-2003, 05:20 PM
Have you used the appeals process yet? That should be the first step you take if you would like a shot at getting the photos added to the database after rejection. You don't have a chance at that in the forums.

Here was my thinking:

I have been up around D.C. where you can expect one about every 5 minutes at times. Don't take me literally, I am far from an urban area that runs these commuter trains and I have no idea what the schedule is there. I tried to think of what I would do if someone sat at that spot and took that same shot all day. They could have hundreds of pictures of the same place. Where would the cut off point be? I figured two of the same shot were enough. The two that were rejected are almost identical one of the shots above.

I actually did think all those shots were very good quality, but they are pretty much the same shot... even though it was a good one. If you could have moved to get a different angle or gone to another spot, those would have probably been accepted.

It was quoted best when this site was first started. "This is not a look how many trains I saw today site." Basically, quality over quantity.

Thanks for the understanding attitude in your message. Like I said, don't skip the appeals process. It works sometimes.

Curtis Wininger

Ken Carr
09-07-2003, 08:04 PM
I agree with Curtis quailty is the key and the appeal process does work so give it a shot. When ever possible vary your shots.
Example My night shots of trains and Vegas is a hunt for a different angle or view each time since there are only a few locations where trains stand still enough to capture the train without a flash.


Chris Starnes
09-07-2003, 10:42 PM

As usual, Curtis has said pretty much what I would have said. (We are going to have to give him a raise :lol: )

Your shots are great (quality wise - clairty, exposure, etc...). However, we would like to see some different angles....I think that would make it more interesting for everyone who views the images, instead of looking at the same angle of very similar looking trains numerous times.


09-09-2003, 09:46 AM
Thanks for claritying that Curtis and Chris. there is a different policy here than at JetPhotos on this issue which I think has caused the confusion, I'll do some more 'self-screening' in the next day or two and hopefully will beuploading later in the week.