View Full Version : New River Road Trip

E.M. Bell
02-06-2005, 03:54 AM
Randy and myself made a last minute decision Friday night to hit the
road and head South Saturday Morning. I had a specific shot in mind that
I had tried last month, and wanted to do it again with some blue sky and
sunshine. We where headed South before sunup with New River Bridge on
the CNO&TP as our goal. Junior had showed us a way to get back up the
valley towards the bridge, and i just HAD to have that shot in good
light!! We made a "inspired trip" and arrived at the bridge just ahead
of a I-15 . I had a goal of getting a solid NS power set (even if it
was catfish) but instead we are treated to this mess......at least the
EMD second out adds a little class to the shot...


The sun kept getting better and we decided to wait it out and try to bag
a Northbound, as that angle was better. After maybe 2 hours of waiting
Randy decides to take a hike, and ( in a style that would even make Mark
Wurst proud) winds up busting a trail up the steep hillside through the
briers and mud to the top of the bridge. While he is playing mountain
goat I hear a 124 at Robbins and set up for the shot...Yea, its a
catfish on the point, but it was a matched set of NS power....I was
pleased with the result...you can judge for yourself...


After the train passes I can hear Randy coming down the
hill...slowly.....very very slowly....after a while he discovers a
better way and before long appears on the hillside battered and bruised
and bleeding.....might have been cussing to.....


After doing the digital bow and comparing shots, we head off in search
of a location to shoot 223, who is getting close. After a little more
inspired driving we end up at Mountain view and get the shot. 2
SD40-2's and a MRL SD45 in #8....The sound echoing off the hillsides as
he climbed out of the valley was almost enough to make a fellow weak in
the knees.


By now its mid-afternoon so we turn back North towards onidea for lunch,
and manage to shoot a fast moving 229 at Pemberton..this is the location
that 112 derailed last year.


After a quick bite, we wander on North planning on shooting all the
Southbounds that "should" be out there. We make it all the way back to
Kentucky before hearing chatter on the radio and get the last shot of
the day at Parkers Lake...more EMD power is good for the soul :)


All in all a good day. Southbound traffic was sparse and we only shot 5
trains, but its the quality...not the quantity. Now back to our
regularly scheduled cloudy days...

02-09-2005, 12:18 AM
Great shots, E.M.! :) I really like the colors. Keep up the great work!