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Ken Lehman
12-21-2010, 10:35 PM
New business for the Walking Horse & Eastern in Shelbyville, Tennessee; Kentucky-based Gold River Feed Products is opening a location in a formerly vacant building on Eagle Boulevard. An existing spur on the WHOE has been extended to the new plant. As this same spur currently serves Manuli Stretch (manufacturer of clear plastic films) and their cars have to be moved to serve Gold River, a new parallel siding for Manuli has been constructed, but was not in use yet during a visit on Dec. 19, 2010. Several tank cars were already spotted at Gold River.

This doubles the apparent active customers on the WHOE to two! It appears the propane dealer in town has not received service in recent years and the aluminum recycling company that occasionally shipped is being demolished. There are still quite a few TTX/RBOX storage cars on the line beyond the switch to Manuli and Gold River.

Just east of town, a new bridge is in service over a new, uncompleted road. The bridge is painted a bright blue and the concrete abutments are decorated with cast Tennessee walking horse logos. This bridge is located on a short realignment to the north of the original track. The grade of this line relocation is higher than the original grade and necessitated a second new bridge over a creek to the east of the road crossing. This bridge is also painted blue, though no fancy horses on this one!

As for power, the FP7A #806 and the NW2 #1585 are still on the property, now joined by ex-G&O GP38 #345 in rather weather-beaten paint. The 345 has SQVR reporting marks on the cab.

Ken Lehman

12-23-2010, 12:41 PM

Thank you for the update on a seldom heard about shortline, and for confirmation the 345 did indeed wind up there. We discussed that on in an older thread, found here if you or anyone else are interested:


Also, are they using the 806 for anything these days? They had a dinner train years ago when I was through there, but I think it quit running as scheduled service and became more of a "available for charter" type operation a year or two later.

Ken Lehman
12-24-2010, 01:13 AM

It doesn't appear the 806 is in use. It sits on the main beyond the active customers, coupled to the two passenger cars. The two cars have a number of broken and missing windows. In front of the 806 was a storage TTX well car, and coupled to that was the 1585. The wheels on the 1585 were rusty.

Ken Lehman