View Full Version : Canton RR Baltimore, MD 1/31/11

02-01-2011, 01:43 AM
I took a visiting friend from Alaska to Baltimore today, as he is a fan of industrial switching, something there is little of in Washington, DC. We had a good morning on the Canton RR, as they had three jobs working this morning. Ex BNSF/ATSF GP7u's 1306 and 1364 appear to be the favored power now, as they were both used on the 7am jobs. SW1500 1501 came on around 10am, and took a cut of cars to NS Bayview Yard.

The paint scheme on the GP7u's is not quite as elaborate as the one on the swtichers, which mimics the Maryland state flag. What I find interesting is the Canton had an ex CSX GP16 1751 several years ago. They sold it to the South Carolina Public Railways, and supposedly wanted to get rid of it because the switchers performed better on the many tight curves on the line. Now, they've gone and bought what essentially amounts to a pair of GP16s.

The Canton is definitely worth a visit if you're in the Baltimore area. Their operations mostly occur in a very compact area of the city, essentially right at the north end of the Harbor Tunnels at the former CSX Penn Mary Yard. Jobs work M-F mornings, and in years past, they ran an occasional extra job on Saturday mornings. I have no idea if they're still doing that some, but seeing three jobs today was encouraging...business appears good.