View Full Version : Patapsco & Back Rivers RR current status

02-01-2011, 01:51 AM
On a swing through Sparrows Point today, and friend and I found the PBR to be nearly dead. The entire Severstal complex at Sparrows Point is nearly shut down, apparently due to the economy and some contract issues with employees. There were very, very few "live" cars in the complex, and the railroad appears to be using a pair of SW1500s for power. The large gaggle of old EMD and Baldwin switchers are still sitting dead around the shop. Power that I have seen used in recent times, including the ex RF&P SW1500, is all stored.

One of the SW1500s wears an attractive red, white, and blue Severstal paint scheme. The other was a medium blue and white, with no Severstal markings.

These observations were made from the public road that runs through the Sparrows Point complex.