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12-19-2011, 04:59 PM
I have some week days off over the next three weeks and would like to do a little shortline fanning. So I am looking for some updated operations info:

What is the current pattern on Buckingham Branch? And the most important question, what percentage of Buckingham Branch's power is UNpainted these days?

Now moving to the BB's Virginia Southern operation: What days and call times do they operate? And can anyone provide an idea of what power is on the ex-VS lines? Is it all painted?

I covered the VS fairly well in the past, so I need to get down to see this chapter in the line's history. Do they still haul coal?

(Yes I understand there is a BB article in Trains, have not seen it yet.)


12-19-2011, 05:27 PM
BB 12 is the only unpainted unit on the roster now. It still wears its white-lined KCS scheme. It will be painted in the coming months, but no firm committment from the BB on just when that will happen.

West end is running the Z631 to Clfiton Forge 2-3 times a week as needed. Call time is 0300 at Staunton, so if all goes well, they are ready to head back east from CF by 0800. They are supposed to be in the yard by 0700 to stay clear of CSX ops, hence the early call time. East bound Z630 to Charlottesville can be done day or night on no predictable basis at present. BB 12 is most often found on the Z631, and is based out of Staunton at present.

Z799 at Charlottesville is an 0700 M-F call for a turn to Louisa. Typical first customer worked is Klockner Pentaplast at Gordonsville. May run up to Orange once or twice a week, as needed. Interchanges with local Z628 from Doswell at Louisa.

Z628 runs from Doswell to Louisa and back M-F on an 0500 call. Z629 Doswell east local M-F at 1100.

The Keysville operation is completely as needed, based on when the coal runs. Power is three BB geeps (two GP10s and a GP16) all painted. Coal to the plant at Clarksville is all the traffic this line has, just as it was on the VSRR at the end.

Z715 on duty at Dillwyn 0800 M-F. They run north engine first, interchange with CSX at Bremo Bluff, then shove all the way back to Dillwyn with a cab leading.

12-21-2011, 11:46 PM
Z631 is generally holding a M-W-F pattern to keep the Tie plant at Goshen happy with switching service, but they sometimes only get into Clifton twice a week. They will switch Goshen at least 3 times a week regardless. If they are not running to Clifton, its an 8am call time. BB12 and BB13 have been on the Staunton West run for a few weeks now. In case you're coming this way fast, No runs on this Friday and Monday.

Loyd L.

12-27-2011, 09:43 AM
BB 12 has been sent East, so you'll do best to catch her between Charlottesville, and Doswell.