View Full Version : Going out to eat breakfast turns into a day of trainwatching!

03-20-2005, 11:12 PM
For a sunday, this was a very busy day! I stopped to get a bite to eat, and I heard a horn on the EJ&E line. We made it to a crossing five minutes from my house, and saw the green signal. Ten minutes later, three Ohio Central's all running elephant style came through with a coal train moving about 50. The Ohio Centrals have been leased to EJ&E. This was my first time seeing them!Then a ways down the line, I saw a UP loaded coal train holding Eastbound. I took a drive down to it, and an UNPATCHED SP AC4400CW #327 was at the back. I then took a drive down to Lockport. Right when I got there, a light appeared. The speed limit there is 65, but this short manifest lead by a BN Whiteface GP39E, and a pair of Santa Fe Bluebonnet GP35's was only moving about 20. I then headed to Joliet. There was a lot of action there. We saw a manifest with a BNSF H1 SD40-2, a BNSF H2 GP60M, and an EMDX SD60. Then we saw a local with an EMDX GP38-2 and a BNSF H1 GP38-2. Going along the road, we saw a lot of EMD power along the river, which included four BN's, BNSF, EMDX, and Santa Fe power. We caught Amtrak Train #22 accelerating out of Joliet heading for Chicago. We then headed to a crossing five minutes from my house. While we were going down the road, the gates started to go down, and the three Ohio Central's that were leading the coal train earlier came back light. I thought we were going to miss them. They then stopped about 15 feet from the crossing. We pulled into an intersection, and we were right in front of them. It sure was nice having three Ohio Central's sitting right in front of me! :) :-D They then left and headed East back to EJ&E's Joliet Yard. We then headed home. I was at home for five minutes, and I got a call from my best friend Robby that he was going to the EJ&E Yard in Joliet to see the Ohio Central's, and he wanted me to go. We headed down to the EJ&E Yard, and saw the Ohio Centrals. There was an Ontario and Northland GP40-2, with two BRC GP10s! All together, there was Ohio Central, EJ&E, Ontario and Northland, UP, Conrail, and SP power! Today was a sunny, and a very busy day! Thanks for reading everyone! :)


05-19-2005, 03:44 PM
wow alot of locos in this i think that u are lucky when i were at cairo central station i saw atrain of locos about 20 locos in one train heading down to upper egypt i think that seeing alot of trains in one day makes it anice one