View Full Version : A Few lucky Shots from Sunday

E.M. Bell
03-21-2005, 10:10 PM
Caleb and myself ventured out early Sunday morning (and I didnt have to
drive for a change) and headed down South. We fought the dang clouds
all day long, and NS put on a show. Sunday is not normally a busy day,
but this Sunday was the exception, Seems like everything was running
more or less together and we saw close to 20 trains in 8 hours....even
brought the camera out of the bag for a few....

133 races the shadows out of the cut at Kings Mountain. 15 seconds later and the sun was behind a cloud.

223 has a white
faced SD70M leading as they sprint down Norwood Hill. This was another
lucky shot thanks to a sucker hole in the clouds...as soon as the head end went past, the sun went away again.

197 leaves Somerset after meeting a northbound Triple crown at Woods.

My favorite shot of the day. I brought out the big lens to get a Southbound stretched out in the dip at Gradison.

A dirty whitefaced BNSF SD60M leads 143 through the CP at Gradison.

03-22-2005, 08:36 PM
wow! Nice shots as always Mr. Bell. I was lucky enough to catch this rare gem this Sunday. MPEX 5000 SD50-3. Had a few roster shots of it to but they were not accepted.