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05-01-2012, 01:46 PM
Though not a very long article, some interesting little tidbits here on the amount of traffic projected and primary cargo moving between the Inland Port at Cordele, GA and the Port of Savannah. I naturally assumed the traffic was mostly imports, but looks like a nice amount of exports, as well.


Nikos, any idea if they plan on running the east end more frequently because of this traffic or breaking it off into a dedicated train? 600 containers a week is a pretty substantial chunk of traffic to combine with a 3-day a week local, it would seem.

Regardless, this appears to be blossoming into a really nice move for the Georgia Central and the Heart of Georgia. This has definitely breathed life into the east end of the HOG, which hasn't had much traffic east of Cordele historically. It's too bad that move seems to run at night, unless the long days of summer will see some of it still with good photographable daylight.

05-02-2012, 02:09 AM
600 containers a week? I find that hard to believe, most weeks there have been about 15 or so double stacks headed from Savannah on Monday and Wednsday, coming back with about the same amount, 150 is a pretty optimistic number, 600? We will see if they actually get to that number, they have run some truly monster trains like this one with rock and stacks!
Have not heard of plans at the moment, 782 already is doing alot of work with Y101 working 4 days a week. GC's motive power fleet is stretched pretty thin and they are having to call back units from Rail Links Savannah operation.
HOG is making daylight runs right now, here's a video from a week ago, had wanted to go down there that day but couldnt scrape up the gas money.

05-03-2012, 12:53 PM
That number seemed pretty high to me, too, Nikos. At least considering the length of cuts I've seen rail hauled. Maybe some of the containers are being drayed elsewhere, and that's a total count. Who knows...but it sounds like it would be a stretch to see a big jump in traffic.

It sure is cool to see those vintage ex Southern U23Bs pulling big modern freight. I definitely need to get down there again and take in the show!