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03-26-2005, 06:16 AM
I don't know if any of you've experienced this while out on the rails, and I can't say that I have since I started, but how many BNSF paints schemes have you seen in one day? Maybe some of you have seen them all, or more than me, but I bet you can top my batting average I scored today. I photographed 3 trains today, each with three locomotives up front (none had DPU's, BTW). Of the 9 engines I saw, 8 of them had a different paint scheme. Take a look:


The 8 for 9 included:

1) Heritage II
2) SF Warbonnet
3) BN Whiteface
4) Heritage I
5) SF Bluebonnet
6) BN Cascade Green
7) EMDX blue & white (I count it since they're pretty much solely BNSF units)
8. BN Creme and Green (aka Possum)

The only repeat was the whiteface on two SD60Ms, both dual-window units. The primary paint schemes I missed*:

1) BNSFBonnet (Warbonnet with 'BNSF' on the long hood)

*I didn't count the BN white stripe (where there's a white stripe between the black and green on the longhood; they're essentially a whiteface), the experimental Heritage schemes, OLS schemes, or the odd versions of the Possum scheme with the different nose or long hood paint.

Not bad. I wish I had a batting average of .889 when I played baseball all those years ago. With an average like that, regardless of anything else, statistically it was a good day!

03-26-2005, 02:30 PM
I would like to see the budget for the paint department for BNSF. Seems they like to change the scheme.......because we can! Other railroads dont even have time to send lcocs to the paint shop and BNSF has to change it every few years.


03-26-2005, 07:50 PM
Around here, I could see every paint scheme almost every day. As far as actualy seeing them, I could say out of three trains passed within an hour, I have seen seven, excluding the EMDX's. The least seen of an average day are the Executive SD70Mac, and the Bluebonnet.

Since I am in the "Trip Reports" thread, let me tell you about my wonderful shooting experience today... First of all, I was camera F'd, so no picture's were going to be taken right off the bat. I spilled coffee on it the other morning (don't ask!) and it seemed to be fine last night before I put it on the charger. This morning I checked it out and no problems. But of course, once you get set up to shoot...

The first train led by BNSF H2, and Bluebonnet heading west, passes view as an eastbound enters view within seconds. This next train consisted of TEN engines. I would have liked to capture this one!

1. BNSF H2
6. BN whiteface
9. BNSF ex-BN SD40-2
10. BNSF H1

I travel into town to park near the tracks (fenced lot) to enjoy this rare occasion a little closer. As the consist passes by, I see another westbound heading in. This one led by BNSF H2, and BNSF H1. Yet another photo opportunity missed. Sticking to the thread, I saw 5 schemes today.

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04-01-2005, 12:15 AM
Best multi paint BNSF shot of that i have is:
C44-9W in H2
SD40-2 in BN
SD40-2 in yellow bonnett
C44-9W in Warbonnett
C44-9W in H1

Gotta love BNSF and how they have more paint schemes than kinds of locomotives :-p