View Full Version : NS Engine Locations, the notables, 09/14/03

E.M. Bell
09-14-2003, 03:41 AM
Here are the Current Locations of the Noteable power on the NS as of 2330 on Saturday 09/13

GP59 Demo Units, rounded cab sides

NS 4606 Centralia Ill D77
NS 4607 Kingsport TN T62
NS 4608 Kingsport TN T62


NS (SOUTHERN) 4610 Sheffield AL A87
NS (Transcaer) 4611 Tatum Ind 70J


NS (MASERK) 3329 Willby Ohio 876


NS 6502 Bellevue Ohio STORED/ out of service (Could this be the end of my favorite NS engine??)

NS 6504 Benidict VA U58