View Full Version : CN and Indiana Rail Road to begin intermodal service.

01-17-2013, 05:35 PM
Here is the official release:


What is doesn't cover is specifics. Those have been provided on the INRD group, and indicate the service will start around 7/1/13 and will initially move on existing trains. They hope the business will grow enough to warrant dedicated trains in the future.

On the INRD, the traffic will be interchanged with CN at Newton, IL. That would indicate a Palestine Turn (typically a night move getting back to Hiawatha Yard just after sunrise) will bring the cut there, then the Hiawatha-Senate Ave freight will take it to Indy. INRD is going to work to closely schedule these trains to expedite the shipments, so the northbound HWSA should run in nice daylight to Indy based on the Palestine Turn's run time.