View Full Version : A SD70 Sunday on the NS

E.M. Bell
04-04-2005, 05:25 AM
I have long thought that the Spartan Cab SD70 is perhaps one of the best
looking modern day motors that EMD has ever put out. Conrail, NS and
the IC where the only ones to purchase this version of the popular SD70
platform, and the Conrail Blue paint really fits them well, as does the
new NS paint. After getting word late on Saturday that we would be
graced with TWO rather freshly painted 70's leading trains in the area,
plus one in Conrail Blue, Caleb and I decided to do our best to shoot
all of them....as luck would have it we only bagged Two, but thats still
a good ratio.

NS was rather short of crews on the Louisville district, and all the
Eastbounds where running late....very late. We had planned to shoot 167
early in the morning, then move over to the CNO&TP and get 375 and 236,
but after waiting around till mid-afternoon for 167, we headed to
Danville to wait out the others. We never did get 167, but here is the
few that we did shoot.

NS 123 at Moreland with a dirty motor from the "other" KY railroad...

Whitefaced NS 2515 leads 375 at Burgin

236 with Conrail blue 2579 passes 375 at the Wye...

A artsy attempt to make a catfish look good as 175 passes 375 at the wye....

Late in the afternoon 375 heads into the sweet low light at Harrodsburg..

06-09-2005, 04:09 PM
really nice report
when i read the name of caleb im thinking of norfolk southern locos:D
have anice time and waiting for more cool reports