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04-07-2005, 04:57 AM
After receiving a heads up that several trains on Sunday would have whitefaced SD70's leading, Emmett and I felt the need to go out and record this occasion with still images. We started late, but that didn't really matter since the 24 hour "Red Flu" epidemic kept many trains from running. We did manage to catch a few trains around Danville, but only one whitefaced SD70.

First up was 133 which was leaving Danville while we were riding around the bypass. Since the light wasn't good for a shot at Bowen, we went a few miles south to Moreland to catch it.


123 was right behind it with a CSX leader, but I didn't bother uploading my shots since I couldn't get a decent angle (i.e. not a wedgie) on it. Ah well, it was a GE anyway.

At Danville, 223 has arrived, but is already in the yard. We hung out there for a little bit until we heard 375 on the radio leaving Lexington. The train was running for the dogs, and the crew certainly didn't waste any time getting to Danville. Here's a shot of it going by Burgin.


This shot is also on the main page of my website.

When the train gets to the wye, the crew was instructed to tie it down since the outbound crew didn't go on duty for a while. This allowed us to get several shots of the power from different angles. My favorite is the next one.


A short time later, 236 arrives and is seen here passing 375.


175 was the last train to arrive before 375 left. I found a somewhat interesting angle from shooting in the ditch to allow the camera to be nearly level with Faulkner Rd.


375 left the wye shortly thereafter and we followed it west and got shots in Harrodsburg, and then again in Lawrenceburg. We shot the train from the Lawrenceburg Cemetery, and my result can be seen in the following link:


That would be the last shot of the day. We decided to head to the house after 375 passed. The light was fading fast and well, there just wasn't anything else out there worth shooting. Until next time...

Hope y'all enjoy, and thanks for looking!

04-11-2005, 05:56 PM
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