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04-17-2005, 05:42 AM
Today we decided to leave our hotel room in Scottsdale, AZ around 10am and head up north for a 2 hour drive to Flagstaff,AZ. It took a little longer than two hours because of an accident on I-17. Anyways we got into Flagstaff around 1:30 PM and did not have to wait long on the BNSF Seligman Sub. I noticed an over abundance of NS power running on the BNSF. I do not have symbols in my report so I will list the trains as Eastbound or Westbound. Heres the report.

Flagstaff, AZ Amtrak Station

1:40 PM---EB Stack Train
BNSF 5296
CN 5648
BNSF 51??
NS Dash 9

1:50 PM---WB Stack Train
BNSF 5222
NS 9879

2:05 PM---WB Stack Train
BNSF 5002
ATSF Warbonnet
BN SD40-2
NS D-9

2:35 PM---WB Stack Train
BNSF 4333
BNSF 4481
BNSF 5086

3:05 PM---EB Stack Train
BNSF 4805
BNSF 1051
BNSF 8213
BNSF 951

3:10 PM---WB Mixed Freight
BNSF 4628
BNSF 4909
BNSF 4575
BN 7853
ATSF 2592

3:15 PM---EB Grain Train
BNSF 5301
NS 9253
CSX 7869

3:50 PM---EB Stack Train
NS 9186
BNSF 107-GP60M
BNSF 515

4:23 PM---WB Stack Train
BNSF 4491
BNSF 5455
BNSF 4980
BNSF 1052

5:05 PM---EB Stack Train
BNSF 4679
BNSF 599
BNSF 5201

5:10 PM---EB Stack Train
BNSF 4604
BNSF 4308
NS 9690
BNSF 115-GP60M

5:15 PM---WB Stack Train
CSX 98
CSX 148
BNSF 4472
BNSF 4679

5:30 PM---EB Stack Train with Autoracks on head end
UP 4116
UP 4243
UP 4194
UP 5123
UP 1811-B40-8?

5:40 PM---EB Stack Train
BNSF 4776
BNSF 5097
NS Primer SD70M
3 other BNSF D-9's

5:45 PM---WB Stack Train
BNSF 4788
BNSF 1081

*Overall it was an excellent day out on the BNSF Seligman Sub. I have plenty of pictures to put online when I get home.

04-17-2005, 09:40 PM
Glad ya had a good time up there, the action and pace just can't be beat. We did not see very many foriegn units the day we were there.Already making plans to go back up again next year on my Annual Spring training trip (Go Cubbies) and as hard is it is getting to get tix for spring training , may just have to start making it an all railfaning trip. Make sure you let us know where you will be posting all the pics from there. Did you try anywhere but the Flag. Station? hope you at least made it out Cosnino Rd.
BTW, if you are ever in East Cen. Il.let me know and we go to some the hot spots around here

04-17-2005, 10:13 PM
Sounds good! I am hoping to go to Cosnino road hopefully one day this week but with all the stuff planned im not sure if I wll be able to. I am heading back up to Flagstaff tomorrow on the way to the Grand Canyon. I will be posting the pictures here if any make the cut as well as a few other sites. But I will post back on this thread when I get back to Mass on Friday.

Pat Lorenz
04-18-2005, 12:27 AM
Sounds like you had a successful trip, looking forward to some flagstaff pictures from your trip. That line never stops, it always has action. My friend went up there a couple times and did some video, man he had alot of trains recorded in just a day. Looks like the most time you had to wait was about 30min. thats really good compared to Tucson.

04-18-2005, 01:35 AM
:) Yes it was a great day. Definetly a good change from boring CSX. I ate at this restaurant called Altittudes Bar & Grill trackside and caught a bunch while eating to.