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04-21-2005, 03:25 AM
Today we went south from Phoenix to Tucson. Along the way on I-10 we followed the UP Sunset route for most of the way. I saw many trains from the highway and we also stopped for a little bit at a location. I do not have symbols or really any locations but I will do my best. Heres the report:

17 miles west of Tucson on I-10

WB Stack train---12:30 PM
UP 4626
UP 4188
HLCX 7925? *Ex BNSF*

WB Mixed Freight---12:40 PM
UP 23??
UP 2276
UP 6342
UP 3172
UP 6208

Coming into Tucson---12:45 PM
Looked like a local working an industry with a Cotton Belt and a SP unit.

Milepost 970.42

EB Stack Train---3:47 PM
UP 4666
UP 4213
UP 4453
UP SD70M Flag unit

EB Stack Train---3:59 PM
UP 9718
GCFX ????
UP 9187

EB Mixed Freight---4:21 PM
UP 4380
UP 9441
NS D9-44CW
UP C40-8

EB Mixed Freight---4:53 PM
UP 2473

*After a parade of eastbounds in with poor lighting I was hoping for a westbound to come in excellent lighting. Finally I saw headlights of a westbound in the distance. Only to find out CSX power was leading the train!! The railroad I had gotten away from when coming out here from Massachusetts.

WB Stack Train---5:22 PM
CSX 7714
CSX 8641
*UP Can keep these two as long as they want!! :)

*After that train we jumped back on I-10 to get back to Phoenix. Here are some sightings from I-10 on the way back.

At 5:45 PM we passed the above train sitting in the siding awaiting an an eastbound.

Around Pichacho I saw the following trains:

EB Stack Train---6:00 PM
UP 4790
CSX 8019 *They can also keep this :) *
GATX 7???

EB Pig Train---6:10 PM
W/ 5 UP SD70M's. Could not get numbers....

*I will having pictures posted when I get home Friday.

04-21-2005, 09:06 PM
Last time I was thru Tuscon (2 yrs ago),saw several trains. on the way home from Tombstone that eve. Came upon 8 different trains stacked up within about 15 miles, none where moving either.Gonna hit Flagstaff again next year, then probably the Sunset Route the year after.
Can't wait to see all of your pics when you return.