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E.M. Bell
04-26-2005, 05:27 AM
Here are a few pics taken Sunday and Monday after NS 376's derailment at McBrayer KY. Monday turned out to be a rather busy day after all the traffic that had backed up got moving again, plus a rail train and othe MoW work that was going on. Thanks to Randy Moore for loaning me a little server space for a few pics that where not RP material, while I resolve some issues with my own little piece of the web.

http://www.rdmphoto.net/emb/NS9770wtal.jpg Several hours after derailing near McBrayer KY, whats left of train 376 leaves the scene and heads East.

http://www.rdmphoto.net/emb/376rearwtal.jpg 376 limps along with the 37 head cars of his train, seen here near Talmage....

A Blue and Yellow ATSF SD40-2 leads a Red White and Blue HLCX leasor on Rail Train 911 at East Talmage. They are headed to McBrayer to unload rail at the derailment scene.

Roster shot of BNSF 6749 at West Coal Chute

http://www.rdmphoto.net/emb/hlcx6204.jpg Roster shot of HLCX 6204 at West Coalchute.

NS 167 is starting to get back to track speed after creeping across the 10mph slow order at the derailment site.

The NS brushcutter works on the tail track of the Wye at Lawrenceburg...thats one mean looking machine!

http://www.rdmphoto.net/emb/cutterhead.jpg A close up of one of the cutting heads on the Brush cutter after they had tied up at Lawrenceburg

http://www.rdmphoto.net/emb/up9203ns911lburg.jpg After a engine swap, the 911 rail train heads back East, seen here at Lawrenceburg, framed in the boom of the brush cutter.

04-27-2005, 01:53 AM
Great shots Mr. Bell! That Brush cutter beast is awesome!

05-19-2005, 03:51 PM
nice report mr bell but i wanna to know
wat is the type of the loco that is behind the atsf sd40-2 is it BC rail or HLCX as i saw the (atomic train) movie from along time and i think that this unit is like the BC unit that was on the movie
waiting for yur replay

E.M. Bell
05-19-2005, 04:10 PM
Thats a former BC Rail SD40-2, now owned by HLCX. I dont recall seeing to many of those around here!!