View Full Version : Railpace Now Accepting Digital Photo Uploads

04-28-2005, 11:43 PM
From the Railpace website:

"Railpace can now accept full-size .RAW or .JPEG photo files for
magazine publication! Using our new web-based upload system, if you
have a high-speed broadband connection, you can upload your photos
directly to us! We need to review a smaller "thumbnail" version of
the image before access is granted to the upload system. Please E-
mail your preview images to railpace@... - we prefer .JPEG
files, and ask that they be kept under 300K in size. Please use your
image editor to resample the image to a smaller size if necessary.
Once the photo is approved, you will be mailed back a unique upload
code and be provided with the address of the upload system for you to
upload to."