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05-21-2005, 04:29 AM
The sun decided to come out for the first time in days as I left work today, so I grabbed my camera and turned on the scanner.

There were three eastbound trains waiting to come into the BNSF North La Crosse Yard as I headed south out of town to wait for the eastbound parade.

The first train to change crews and head east was the H-NTWMEM (High Priority Merchandise Train-Northtown, MN-Memphis, TN) with the BNSF 6763, NREX 6481:


The next train ready to head east was the B-STAWSP (Bare Table Intermodal from Staples, MN - Willow Springs, IL) with the BNSF 6901. Since they were having difficulty getting the signal from the CP to cross the Grand Crossing diamond, I decided I had time to run back into town for some fast food. Needless to say, this was the wrong decision as I got delayed and missed the train.

I headed north into town to shoot the next eastbound, the H-GFDGAL (High Priority Merchandise Train from Grand Forks, ND - Galesburg, IL) with the BNSF 4561, NREX 7510, MRL 316. As I waited for the shot, the Z-CHCSTP (Priority UPS Train from Chicago, IL - St. Paul, MN) called the yard when it was at Stoddard, WI which is 11 miles south of La Crosse. I decided to let the H-GFDGAL go and head south looking for a shot of the Z-train.

The Z-CHCSTP had the BNSF 7068, BNSF 6722, NREX 5542. I got my photos just before the eastbound H-GFDGAL came roaring by to block my shot of the westbound Z-train:


The next eastbound train was the Z-SSECHC (Priority UPS Train from South Seattle, WA - Chicago, IL) with the BNSF 4339, BNSF 5232, NS 9193. As this train was getting ready to head east, three additional westbound trains stacked up south of town waiting for their turn to come through town:

V-LPCTAC (Vehicle Train from Logistics Park Chicago - Tacoma, WA) with the BNSF 6786, BNSF 6384:


V-CHCTAC (Vehicle Train from Chicago, IL - Tacoma, WA) with the BNSF 8627, BNSF 536:


Q-CHCSSE (Guaranteed Service Intermodal Train from Chicago, IL - South Seattle, WA) with the BNSF 554, NS 9616:


By this time the sun was too low for any additional photos, so it was time to call it a day. Other trains heard on the scanner around the La Crosse area were two Iowa, Chicago & Eastern trains (MKCSP - Merchandise Train from Kansas City, MO - St. Paul, MN) and the MSPKC. The MKCSP had cars to drop off for the CP at LaCrescent, MN (small CP yard across the Mississippi River from La Crosse). After their work was done they headed north (RR West) up the CP River Sub towards St. paul. Their southbound counterpart MSPKC came into the LaCrescent Yard and picked up some cars from the CP.

As the MSPKC left LaCrescent and headed south for Marquette, IA on the IC&E Marquette Subdivision, CP Train 486 (Manifest from St. Paul, MN - Bensenville, IL) came into River Junction to do a pickup before heading east across the Mississippi.

Amtrak #7 also came into town on the CP around 1930.

Since the sun went down there has been a westbound parade on the BNSF past the house:

Z-CHCSSE: BNSF 4660 leading.
U-BIRSEM: Empty ore train from Birmingham, AL - Steelton, MN with the BNSF 5097 leading.
Z-CHCPTL: FURX 7284 leading.

As I write this, the S-BPATCP (Stack Train from Bedford Park, IL - Tacoma, WA) with the BNSF 6850 leading is clearing its Track Warrant on its way west into town.

05-23-2005, 11:30 AM
i can say that its anice day but im waiting the exams of the term in the faculty to be finished then i can make alot of agood stuff for trains
i have aquestion u said in the first of the report that u turned on the scanner
wat is the scanner is it aequipment or aprogram that instaled on the computer then conect to the internet?
i wanna to know from u wat is the scanner and can i get it here in egypt for the trains here in egypt to know the directions of them.
waiting for yur replay man

Save The Wave
06-01-2005, 02:58 AM
Nice photos, and you are the man for getting that many accepted shots from the same place.