View Full Version : Going camping on a flatcar

05-22-2005, 07:08 AM
Or not. I saw this peculiar looking load earlier today. The base of each "tent" is as wide as a standard shipping container. Maybe whatever is underneath wouldn't fit?

I took three photos and submitted them here and all three were rejected. I can understand why, I guess. They're not particularly compelling, just odd.

Click for full size.
http://img17.paintedover.com/uploads/thumbs/17/tent1.jpg (http://paintedover.com/uploads/show.php?loc=17&f=tent1.jpg)

http://img17.paintedover.com/uploads/thumbs/17/tent2.jpg (http://paintedover.com/uploads/show.php?loc=17&f=tent2.jpg)

http://img17.paintedover.com/uploads/thumbs/17/tent3.jpg (http://paintedover.com/uploads/show.php?loc=17&f=tent3.jpg)