View Full Version : End of days for the CSX Old Road Sub in Central KY

E.M. Bell
09-22-2003, 01:01 AM
Effective Oct. 1st, 2003, CSX will sell it's "Old Road" OD sub from H.K. Tower near Louisville, to WInchester KY, to shortline operator R.J. Corman. The line has seen a large decline in buisness over the lat few years, and currently host only one scheduled freight a day in each direction, a unit coal train that goes to the NS in Lexington, Two locals, and a few (Very few) other moves.

Parts of the line are still on the alignment of the Lexington & Ohio RR, built in 1832. Steep grades, tight tunnels, and many curves impossed severe operating restrictions on trains. Corman will handle the overhead CSX traffic, and hopes to generate new local buisness from the online shippers. This coming week will be the last for CSX operations if current traffic trends hold true, as CSX does not normally operate the through freights Sat, Sun, and Mon.

Myself and several other local photographers have been spending a lot of time out shooting the line while CSX still has it., and will be hittiing it even more over the next week, as we suspect Friday to be the last days for the Q540 and Q547 to run. If you want to check out the pics from the last TWo weeks, plus some older material, go to the main page, and in the search box, enter "CSX OLD ROAD SUB KY"