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05-30-2005, 07:31 PM
Let us not forget what this day means. I have just returned from my small towns Memorial Day service. This years service took on a whole new meaning a few days ago after we learned that one of our own citizens had given his life in a roadside bomb attack in Iraq. This young man was all of 20 years old and had been there just 6 months. He along with 4 others gave their lives in the same attack. Please whatever you are doing today on this "day off" take a moment and remember all of the Men and Women who not only served this great country, but especially the ones who have given their lives protecting our freedom thru all the wars and conflicts since the beginning of this country.
The young man was 20yrs old and leaves behind a 19yr old widow and an unborn child who will never know his/her father other than in pictures and stories
Please remember all those that are still serving their country all over the world, including my little brother who will be in Iraq in less than 24 hrs

God bless everyone of you

In memory of Jeff Wallace