View Full Version : Vandels cause fire on NS Intermodal train

E.M. Bell
09-22-2003, 09:52 PM
Sometime shortly after midnight on 09/22/03, one or more persons threw "burning material" onto the top of Southbound NS intermodal train #215 near Keno, KY, on the Second district of the CNO&TP. The burning material started a fire on and in the Third TOFC car behind the engines, which quickly spread to the track and right of way once the train was brought to a stop. The resulting fire consumed the trailer and its contents, and damaged the rail car it was on. Both had to be scrapped on site after the fire was put out.

As a result, the busy NS mainline through Central and Southeastern KY (which sees over 100 + moves on a busy day) was shut down untill 1300 this afternoon when one track was opened back up. The railroad is still backlogged with trains and short of crews, and it will be a day or Two before traffic patterns are back to normal.

The area that this incident happened in is one of the most scenic (and remote) areas in Southeastern Kentucky. The railroad passes through several deep cuts , and has unlimited potential for photography. There are 4 high road bridges across the tracks in the area (one of which was used by the perps) and has been a favorite area for rail photogrpahers to gather . I only hope that this incident will not cause the railroad to put up fences on these bridges, which would put a real damper on photography.

here a couple of links to photos from the area from the area...


09-22-2003, 10:17 PM
:shock: :shock:

Just the other day I saw some kids spitting on communter trains passing under a bridge we were on. I can see how easily they could have thrown flaming material at it instead.

On another note, that is a beautiful area for taking pictures.