View Full Version : Train Crews: The 'second victims' in rail-related fatalities

06-06-2005, 10:31 PM
From today's Boston Globe:

"When a person is struck by a train the immediate focus is, understandably, on the victim. But as pedestrian fatalities such as the woman in Natick have become the number one cause of rail-related death in the United States in recent years, attention has also come to be paid to train engineers, the men and women whose trains strike the unfortunates in scenes of horrific carnage. Rail veterans often call them the ''second victims.'

"Sometimes people put themselves in front of trains deliberately. Sometimes they are unwitting trespassers, idling along the rail bed as the two Boston University students who were struck by a commuter train in February appear to have been. In that case, the train's engineer was so traumatized it took him a month to return to work. Then there are cases such as the one on May 5, in which a former assistant attorney general in Boston stepped in front of an early morning train in Walpole, as dozens of commuters watched in horror. The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority has ruled the case an accident, pending a final ruling by the medical examiner. Also under investigation is the death last Monday night of a man struck by an MBTA train at Prospect Crossing in Wakefield."

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E.M. Bell
06-06-2005, 10:46 PM
its good to see this side get some publicity for a change. Striking a car or tresspasser is something you wont ever forget, even though its not your fault. I know of a few folks that have had to take some serious time off and and a few that never came back to the job after a incident that they had no control over. It takes seconds to put it in emergency, lay on the horn and pray while you ride it out....the nightmares last a lot longer...