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E.M. Bell
09-24-2003, 02:30 AM
I have been seeing a lot of double uploads in the past few days, which are probably just folks grabbing the wrong file and putting it in the upload box twice. here are a couple of tips I used to prevent such things from happening..

Whenever I upload, it is usualy in mass. I wait untill I have two or three rolls before I develop, and what ever gets scanned from those are saved in a "newscan" folder. In that folder, I create a subfolder named "sent" I keep a window open to view thumbnails of all the pics in new scan, and as soon as I upload one, I drag it over into the "sent" folder...that seems to work well, at least for me..

I have a seperate computer networked to my main machine, and all it is used for is photo storage. Once or twice I month, I clean out the sent folder, and sub-divide those pics into folder on the storage hard drive, into files I have for each railroad, then those are again divided into locations, rosters shots ect. All of that gets backed up and burnt to CD for I have two copies of everything.

here is another tip for file names I use. When I save a file from photoshop, I name the file with the most important info, so 10 years from now I can look at that file and know the train number, lead engine number, location, and date....example....

for a photo of NS train 112, with lead engine NS 6502 at danville ky on 09/23/03 the file name would be..


that method also helps in uploading.. i can glance at the file name and see all the info I need as I fill in the boxes..

everybody has differnt ways of doing things, that is just the system that works for me!!

09-24-2003, 11:25 AM
Those are some very excellent tips there kd4jsl! I like how you name the photo according to its train number, lead locomotive number, location, and then the date. That's a good idea. :)

I really have to get a CD burner so I can start backing up my photos. I have about 200 or so photos on my computer now and I'd hate to lose them all if one of my hard drives went (2 Western Digital 40GB, RAID 0). If one drive goes, I lose all my data.

09-24-2003, 09:43 PM
The way I do it is everytime I upload my new photos from my digital camera I just put them in subdirectory called "Trains" under "Photos". Then I create folders in "Trains" according to location and date (like "Ottawa 9.21.03" or "Smiths Falls 9.15.03").

Every photo I edit in photoshop, I save in one of these location and date folders. Then I create another folder called "Uploads". I move all the new location/date folders with the new photos to "Uploads". After I uploaded all my photos I move the contents of "Uploads" back into "Trains", leaving them in the location/date folders. This way, my photo names don't need to be that long...for example "VIA906.jpg" is enough, rather than "VIA906Ottawa092103.jpg".

I don't have that many photos yet, so I don't need a CD.