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10-04-2003, 08:00 PM
56 photos added yesterday
36 today
and only 752 last week

what's going on?

I apologize for my part, but that's because I can only go to the tracks on weekends, and it's like I'm cursed! Every weekend it's rain or overcast! :x

10-04-2003, 08:15 PM
The weather in the most of the northeast has not been that great this week. I went to go railfaning today hoping to get some photos (saw a couple trains) but it was too dark and cloudy out!

The forecast looks pretty good for the next week and a half. I know I'll be getting some photos then, especially since the leaves are changing now.

10-05-2003, 02:10 AM
Well, you answered your own question... the weather is deteriorating. Quite rapidly too over here! :D

Also the schools have started again. They may have started again about 2 months back, but I would not be surprised if people where just getting rid of their backlog the last few weeks. Now there is no backlog, there is fewer uploads.

FWIW, in a few weeks I'll be taking the Eurostar from Brussels to London. Should make for some spectacular pictures! The interior of the Eurostar while driving through the channel tunnel, the speed indicator in the passenger cabins reaching 300, etc.

10-05-2003, 04:03 PM
can't wait to see the Eurostar,
btw, how much does it cost to ride it?

10-05-2003, 04:33 PM
btw, how much does it cost to ride it?

Are you familiar with the first law of Ryanair? "You always pay more then the person sitting next to you." The same goes with the Eurostar.

I myself got a trip including 2 nights in a *** hotel in central London for just under 300 euros (1 euro is roughly 1 dollar). This includes a trip from my nearest station to Brussels where the E* will be waiting.

On the website of the NS (Dutch railways) there is a special promotional fare. 79 Euro including taxes, surcharges etc for a round trip to London starting at ANY station in the Netherlands. There are constraints of course but it gives an idea of how low prices can go:

The constraints are:
* Valid only between the 10th of september and the 28th of october
* You have to book one week in advance.
* No change allowed after you book.

The normal rate for youth (up to 25 years) is 99 euro including all taxes roundtrip 2nd class. Here too you can start at any station in the Netherlands. You would have to take the cheap standard train between NL and BE. You can only take Thalys when you buy an upgrade.

Then there are also a lot of travel agancies that buy tickets in large quantities. They get reductions and sometimes pass them on to the customer. As I said, prices can vary a lot.

10-05-2003, 09:29 PM
Thanks for the answer...that's quite reasonable. Unlike the prices here...

10-05-2003, 10:26 PM
You call that reasonable? Well, I suppose it is, but it ain't really cheap! Ryanair, Easyjet even BMI and on a good day KLM and BA can get you across the pond cheaper!

10-05-2003, 11:12 PM
well, from Ottawa to Toronto is cheaper by plane than by VIA Rail, too