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E.M. Bell
09-10-2005, 02:32 AM
The last Sunday in August, Juinor and myself decided to head South for a day. As is the norm, the weather forcast was for mostly sunny skys, which didnt work out so well. Heavy fog and mist was the rule until after noon, then the sun made a brief appearance. We started out on the NS, but with low traffic levels that morning, we found ourselves over on the CSX KD sub that afternoon. Here are a few from the day.

http://www.jreb.org/Image/EMBpics/ns9837ns143keno0805.jpg 143 has a white faced fish leading as they climb out of Tateville...seen here in the fog near Keno.

http://www.jreb.org/Image/EMBpics/ns44adeephollow0805.jpg Southbound grain train 44A is down to a slow walk as they pass under the bridge just North of Deep Hollow.

http://www.jreb.org/Image/EMBpics/csx215scorbin0805.jpg Soutbound CSX N253-23 departs the yard at Corbin.


CSX 215 leads Southbound coal as they cross the river at Saxton, KY Finally some sunlight!


N253-23 again at Morley TN

http://www.jreb.org/Image/EMBpics/csx215habersham0805.jpg After getting the hill helpers on at Chaska, N253 grinds past the church at Habersham TN. The light was harsh for this shot, but I was pleased with the compasistion....incentive to try it again early in the day.


CSXT 333 shoves N253 up Duff Mountain.

Here are a few odds and ends from August...stuff that I missed when doing previous trip reports.

http://www.jreb.org/Image/EMBpics/RDMNwye0905.jpg Randy Moore Shoots a Southbound at the Wye...

http://www.jreb.org/Image/EMBpics/ns6804window0805.jpg Former CR SD60I 6804 suffers from a broken conductors side front windshield at Danville. Looks like that FRA glazing did it's job

http://www.jreb.org/Image/EMBpics/nrex5481DV0805.jpg A former NS (SOU or N&W??) SD40-2 wears CP paint, but is a NREX leasor...B unit only..


09-10-2005, 05:25 AM
Great shots, E.M.! :) I really like this one. I like how the train is exiting the tunnel.

Andrew Blaszczyk (2)
09-10-2005, 01:38 PM
Looks like a pretty productive day once again. Awesome shots, EM. I must say though the best two shots are the first fog shot and the B&W by the church. Nice report.

09-11-2005, 05:27 PM
awesome shots and light nice trip
the pix are really very nice ones specially this one as i like the angel of the pic