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Andrew Blaszczyk (2)
09-17-2005, 10:21 PM
During the past month and a half there have been some weekends stints that have been made mostly on Saturday afternoon and nights.

Saturday, Sugust 7th, 2005:
The first 'trip', which included my cousin, Mark Kielczynski (driver), my brother, Christopher Blaszczyk (direction specialist), and myself (equipment manager) started out early on Saturday morning, in northern New Jersey. We drove to the NYS&W engine facility in Little Ferry, NJ to try to catch a NB leaving to chase. No luck. We did shoot (cloudy) two of the ex-Cartier Alco's or "Creatures" SIXX 41 and RRPX 78. We then followed the NYS&W line from Little Ferry through Port Jervis, NY to Binghamton, NY. Trying to catch a SB in Binghamton we grabbed lunch and hung around for a few HOURS with no luck. We then agreed that we would chase anything on any line out of Binghamton, unfortunately the only movements were coming into Binghamton formt he North and West. Finally our break came shortly after 4PM (we arrved a little after 12PM). On the scanner we heard 9010 heading east on SY-1. Pondering the symbol and how far out of town it would be going we started the chase. Our first two shots were both a few miles out of Binghamton. Noting the train picking up speed we found a spot to sit and wait in Hancock, NY. The shot was definitely worth the troubles we had had during the beginning of the day.


With the sun getting lower and the mountains getting higher around us, we decided to stop in Callicoon, NY before the sun totally went away. We shot it at the old station in town.


This was the final shot in decent sunlight. We caught SY-1 three more times after this once going over the Lackawaxen River and going over the Delaware River in Millrift. As we rolled into Port Jervis we saw the train sitting next to the NJT trains awaiting their assignments. We set up quickly and took a few "dusk" shots. After a slow morning the evening had made up for everything.


Saturday, August 27th, 2005:
The second 'trip' included only my brother and me. Around 2PM we left home on our way to catch the last run of the day of the Wanamaker, Kempton & Southern at 4PM. Arriving at Kempton a little late due to traffic we followed the line north and saw the train waiting to return south at the Wanamaker station. We got a few shots and got back into the car and drove to the Kempton station to shoot the train coming back to the station (in the rain). We then drove a few more miles west to Temple for the chase of the "Moonlight Special" ran by Reading Company Technical & Historical Society with Alcos 5308 and 5204. While waiting for the train to depart the sun was just over the trees with few passing clouds, but by the time the train left at 6:30PM the sun has disappeared behind clouds and behind the trees. The two shots we got (with RDG 5308 leading) on the trip to Hamburg were at the RCT&HS Leesport yard/museum and at the Shoemakersville station. Chasing all the way to hamburg we got a few more "dusk" shots and watched them run the power around the train putting RDG 5204 as the lead unit. With the sun now set and the sky darker we took off for the Leesport yard to set up for a streak shot past RDG 900 (F7A).


Getting back onto the highway we drove back into Temple hoping to get a few night shots of the Alcos. With no crew in the cabs (standing right next to us), my brother and I took about 20 mins taking some shots at the station. I provided the lighting with my $24 Vivitar 283 flash.


On the way back to the interstate I had my brother stop for a quick night shot of RDG 900 in Leesport.


Getting home shortly after 12Am, it was another worth while trip to PA for us.

Saturday, September 3rd, 2005:
Our third 'trip' included the three of us back together once again. I was already near my cousins house for the day, my brother drove up from central Jersey to pick us up and head west to see what we can get with the afternoon sweet light. We drove along the NS Lehigh Line until we saw our 'prey' the H76 local with Montana Rail Link SD45 #344 on the point in Manville. After hearing that it would be working in Manville and then heading west, we knew this was our train. We set out looking for a perfect spot to catch it but did not find anything that suited us until Jutland, NJ. With the light fading quickly and a scanner working only on "rubber ducky" and no other trains int he picture the only thing that filled our waiting time was watching hot-air balloons float past us in the sky. Finally a horn was heard in the distance and we set up for the shot. For a trip that was just thrown together that morning this was a great catch.


Saturday, September 10th, 2005:
Knowing you're sick of reading I'll keep the fourth 'trip' short. Once again it was only my brother and I heading out to eastern Pennsylvania. This time it was for the Night Photo Session for the Lehigh Gorge Scenic Railway's Railfan Weekend at Jim Thorpe, PA. These photos were taken before the Night Photo Session began (therefore night lighting provided by myself).


Taken during the session but with available light only.


Another thank you goes out to Denis Connell of Railpace Magazine for setting up the Night Photo Session and providing the lightning.


Getting home at 1:15AM and still excited over the events of the day the first thing I did was upload the photos and add them to RP. Waking up the next day to find that 5 of 6 shots had been added and the sixth only needed darkening for overexposure). Four great Saturdays producing some great shots was a fitting end to "summer".

With our next few weekends filled a new Trip Report will be available by the end of October. ;-) Hope you enjoyed these. :-)

09-18-2005, 03:01 AM
Very nice shots, Andrew! Thanks for sharing your report. :)

09-18-2005, 08:41 AM
nice report andrew.
waiting for the report of the end of oct.