View Full Version : Chrome Mode and other problems

09-21-2005, 04:03 AM
I just got my Fuji Finepix S5100( :grin: ) and I was wondering what shooting in "Chrome" mode is like and what it is good for. Also, my camera is having trouble making the connection to my computer. The manual says that Finepix Viewer should automatically come up when I connect my camera. When I do this, Windows Scanner and Camera Wizard detects it but Finepix Viewer does not. On the camera, it says communication error. What is the problem?

09-21-2005, 03:25 PM
It has been a long time since I used that camera (all my pics prior to Jan 05 were with that).

The chrome setting is similar to slide film, if you compare the regular jpg/RAW photos to regular 35mm film. Once I figured out that the chrome setting gave a richer color, that was all I used. The B&W was fun too.

I don't think I had any problems with the connection. I just turned on the camera after connecting the USB cable. Up popped the box with how did I want to view the files. I always chose folder. Copied the photos to a new folder (not cutting and pasting, in case the file was lost in the transfer) and then viewing in the WinXP picture viewer.

My only thought is, if you are unable to view RAW files and convert them, re-install the FinePix software.

On the top of the camera, don't turn it all the way to the camera function. Go half way.

Good luck with the camera; have fun!