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09-26-2005, 07:36 PM
I know that I'm late posting this. Me and my family along with Robby Gragg made a trip out to Galesburg. We made a side trip to Davenport, Iowa. We stopped by the IC&E Yard. There was a lot of good trains in there. Power in the yard included IC&E, DM&E, I&M Rail Link, LLPX, CSX and a lot of older IC&E power such as SD9's in SP paint and GP9's. Unpatched I&M Rail Links were also in there. Now here is where it gets very interesting. We then headed to Galesburg. We first checked into our Hotel, the Ramada Inn, now called America's Best Value Inn. I would first like to say the cleanliness of the hotel was awful. Trust me, you would never want to stay there. The only good thing about the hotel was that the room we were in looked right out towards the Transcon (Joliet Line) After checking into the hotel, we checked in the Information Center to find out where all of the good train watching spots were. One of them was a bridge looking over Galesburg Yard, the biggest yard in the state. It looked over the engine terminal and there were a lot of engines in there. Power from BNSF, BN, Santa Fe, CSX, NS, MRL, RLCX, KCS, TPW and a lot more was in the yard. Unfortunately, we found out the hard way that the bridge was no longer available to railfans. The cop was nice about it and just let us go without having our licence checked, etc. The cop went down to the Information Center and told them to take that spot off the list of good train watching spots. :( We then headed down to Peck Park. That was a beautiful spot. The Ex-CB&Q passed over the Transcon. Both lines were real busy. The next spot we went to was the Amtrak station. We saw a lot going on down at the yard from the station. We picked up dinner at Pizza Hut and went back to the hotel. We saw a lot from the balcony including a new logoed ES44DC with about 100 new logoed well cars. All we heard were train horns throughout the night (I secretly cracked the door open so the horns would be louder....couldn't let my parents know ;)). The next morning, we went back to Davenport on the way home. We saw a lot of IC&E's, DM&E's and I&M Rail Links. Here are some pictures that I got accepted from this very fun and exciting trip.


Have a great day everyone! :)

09-26-2005, 07:58 PM
I have been to Galesburg many times.I went during the Galesburg RR days this year and they had bus rides through the Galesburg Yard and to the RR ties plant,It was busy in Peck Park the day let me tell you!I also went in later July so it wouldn't be so busy down there.I did go on the bridge a nobody stopped me.......as a matter of fact,on the RR days there was tons of railfans up there and they were there all day. My and my dad also checked into a hotel,It was the Traveler's Inn down farther down the street by the Grain bins next to the RR crossing.I saw 91 train in 24 hours,I spent most of the day in Peck park under the shade tree since it was about 100 degrees!!!!The only times I left was when I went out for breakfast,lunch and dinner otherwise I was around Peck park.

And be experience,you'll never get enough time to leave and get something to eat and come back and not miss a train in that time you were gone......no matter how fast you drive. :-D