View Full Version : Monday Morning on Washington Hill

11-08-2005, 08:50 PM
I awoke to the alarm at 5:30 in the morning and hit the road for my destination of Washington Hill, located west of Springfield in the Berkshires. I arrived at the Twin Ledges on the Middlefield/Chester town line. First train I saw was Q436 ( Selkirk, NY to Framingham, MA ) It was led by a dirty SD70MAC.


My next shot would be from on top of the rock cut. I heard the whine of EMD's climbing the grade from the East. Shortly after Q421 came into view with a pair of SD70MAC's.

I heard chatter between Q421 and a eastbound Q274. Q274 came into view with an ex conrail SD60M for a leader as Q421 was still struggling upgrade.


An away shot of Q274 reveals an HLCX lease unit in the consist.

I figured that would be it for a little while, so I climbed down from my perch and decided to go exploring some new locations. As I was leaving there, I saw Q264 heading east through the woods. I decided to chase him down grade and see if I can get ahead of him for a photo. I finally got ahead near Huntington. Q264 had a colorful consist like always.


I decided to continue the chase down to Woronoco and catch it one last time.