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11-11-2005, 02:07 PM
hi all my friends i think that this is the first egyptian trip report in our beloved website so i hope that you all like it.
at 2-11-2005 morning i decided to go to railfan in the yard of kfs city(my city where i live in) and into the kfs-sakha line.at first i went to the southern entrance of the yard at waited for about 15 mintues for any passenger trains or frieght but with no results so i decided to go to my friend mohamed shiref the man who is working in the control tower #1 of the yard and still speaking with him for about 30min.i heared in scanner of the control tower that the man in the control tower #2 asking mohamed shiref for apermission to make the passengers train #492 enter the yard of the station .
after i caught the pic i went back to talk with mohamed sherif again.after about one hour i heared again in the scanner apermission required for the control tower#2 to make the passengers train #504 enter the yard.

after the train 504 went south to tanta station i told mohamed sherif that i
should go to the line between kfs and sakha stations to catch pix.
after i went to the line i heared the horn of the passengers express#876 that heading to tanta central station.
after that i went to the northern entrance of my city and after waiting there about 30mintues i heared the horn of the passengers train #494 i caught the pic where the train was in acurve.

i thought to go again to the kfs-sakha line to chase this train but with no results as the 494 accelerated and canot be seen anymore on the line.
i stayed about 1 hour waiting in kfs-sakha line waiting for trains and after this hour i decided to go back to home but i think that i were lucky as after moving back to home i heared the horn of the passengers train#507 begin to slow down to enter the yard of kfs station so i went back to line and caught apic of it.

after this shot i went to home as it was anice day with trains and i stayed anice time with the control tower man.
this is the first egyptian trip report i hope that you all like it.

01-03-2006, 09:26 PM
Great trip reprot, and great shots, look forward to more of your great work!

01-04-2006, 11:57 AM
thanks chris for your replay and i will try to do my best to share the best material for railpicture.net family.