View Full Version : New to digital arena and looking for some good foundation points to start.

02-20-2006, 09:41 PM
I have been a long time user of slide film (mainly Kodachrome) and have in the last couple of months made the change to digital buying a Nikon D50 camera. Also bought a Coolscan V to get some of my slides converted and just purchased the Adobe Photoshop 4 Elements.

I seem to be hurting the quality of the original shots in my post processing work. I'm looking for any help in some standard settings that people use that work well in getting the right colors and mainly sharpness retained in the pictures?

Some information that may help in my routine now is...I'm taking the shots in the FINE mode and not using any sharpening during the actual picture taking (read and was told that actually hurts later post production work), I'm saving as 360 DPI in photoshop or when I scan a slide and the image size is 8x6", 10x7.5" (trying to keep that 1.33 ratio of 800x600 pixels) and keeping as a high quality or excellent. What are the DPI measurements you people use, image size (inches or pixels) ? I gather that sharpening should be the last step you do and wonder what size (% wise) do you view the picture in while editing it too?

Thanks for any help and your time in informing me, I've made many attempts and will continue but would like some confidence I'm going in the right direction :grin: . Looking to share more of my photos once I get the kinks out.

Thanks again, Rich Clark

02-22-2006, 01:04 PM
Hi Rich...

If you haven't found it yet, www.nikonians.org is a great resource for anything Nikon... I have a D70 myself and have been trying these settings lately:


Something similar might work for you though I am not familiar with the settings on a D50.

Good Luck!