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03-18-2006, 04:41 PM
Hello members,

Back in March of '97' I took the better part of 3 days and drove basically 10 hours from NH to PA to shoot and just see the CR action from Johnstown-Altoona. I used the articles in RailPace to have a mapped out plan of where to go and shoot and even though the weather was a bit mixed, it was a very enjoyable/memorable trip and would drive there again with my son.

But, I'm looking for areas you may suggest that have a good frequency of trains, lots of good photo spots within a 10 hr drive from Southern NH. Even areas that have foot trails on public land in rather safe areas 8) are of interest ( I spent several hours on the foot path on the east side of the viaduct near mineral point at dawn, cold but loved it)! I do like the mountain terrain shots for one and back then driving around the area was easy being there for the first time, so road traffic could be a concern too. What I liked about the PA trip was how close so many good angles were and of course the train traffic too. Just about every kind of freight and being from a farm background, I remember chasing PIBA and shooting it in the snow/overcast with 40-50 cars of Massey Fergeson tractors and Case equipment along with another 100 cars, nice shots for me but too cloudy for RP :razz: .

Thanks for any advice and for your time in submitting it to me...not sure when it will be down the road but will post where and how it went .

Thanks again, Rich Clark

03-18-2006, 10:58 PM
You could go to eastern/central New York near Amsterdam and check out the CSX action there. The line goes right up the Mohawk River valley. Its a pretty cool place, with the erie canal/mohawk river, NYS thruway and CSX main line from Albany - Buffalo and beyond going through. There are lots of small towns that the trains just zoom right through, I especially recommend Fonda, NY, just west of Amsterdam. My cousins live there and there are some nice places to watch trains. YouŽll get some Amtrak action, i think about 8 a day, plus plenty of freight. Its relatively scenic compared to the part of the line up by Rochester or Buffalo where I live. If you get out to Western NY you should check out Letchworth State Park, theres a spectacular trestle that crosses the Genesee river: http://www.railpictures.net/viewphoto.php?id=84372 I think its on the NS line that runs through southern NY. There arent a lot of trains, but its worth the wait! Good luck planning your trip.