View Full Version : Part 1 Needles Rail Fan meet April 14

Ken Carr
04-22-2006, 07:06 PM
Friday April 14th up early preparing to pack when I was called in to work, hours later, after a haphazard loading job of equipment into my truck, I was off driving below cloudy skies. Initially I was suppose to meet NscaleMike along the route towards California but due my late start and the minimum amount of trains along the sub, Mike had called it an early day.
Once in to California and turning towards Nipton I spied a west bound auto rack slowly climbing the east side of Cima. Listening to the scanner I made out that it was a GEVO on point. I easily made it to Cima Hill, only to hear the GEVO take the hole at Joshua for reasons unknown. Unable to drive to Joshua due to time,
I proceeded towards Kelso where I caught an eastbound trash train climbing the hill with an SD-70 on point.
Once through Kelso and climbing out along Kelbaker road I planned on heading towards Amboy then on to Ludlow but a transmission of a roll-by at Cadiz got me thinking I might catch the Arizona and California RR so I turned in that direction.
Approaching Cadiz I snapped a shot of the Cadiz sign as I sped by.
Approaching the Cadiz crossing I saw an eastbound approach the crossing. Letting off it usual sounding horn, I didn’t give it much thought till moments later the horn went off with repeated long blasts.
Once it passed and the crossing gates rose I went over the transcon rails and noticed a parked pick up truck parked east of the crossing next to piles of tree branches. Thinking it was a fan I drove up on the vehicle to find out it was a camper waiting for a friend to help him load some wood to take back to their camp site.
Behind the truck I noticed movement, up on the rails I snapped a photo of the camper’s son.
Speaking with the father I related that the tracks were dangerous for any one that young. The father related that a train had just come by and his son had gotten off the tracks in time, “he smart enough to know when to get off the tracks” was his comment. I brought it up again but the father was set on what his son was doing and I had no authority other than to contact BNSF.
I drove towards the parked Cadiz local to do just that when I saw a person walking back towards the Cadiz water tower, with a white ford Pick-up parked near by I first assumed it was an employee, but as he got closer I noticed the camera and then heard on the scanner the local contact Needles advising their dispatch of the boy. The man with the camera told me the same brief story he had with the father and decided to let the local know. He related he and another group of fans around the other side of the tower were waiting for the ACRR too. But that it wasn’t expected for a few more hours.
We both stopped our conversation to snap a shot of BNSF 5349 a westbound JB hunt train. Noticing the time I decided to continue on to Ludlow. After going over the crossing and still seeing the child on the tracks. I caught this westbound War bonnet. Moving slowly west I snapped a quick shot of the now point engine of the local BNSF 559. Then proceeded towards Amboy and on toward Ludlow. Along the way I saw two more trains heading east and another westbound but being on Route 66 was unable to get close enough for a shot. Once passed Amboy I caught this CN unit on point as it headed east.