View Full Version : Railfanning trip help!

07-22-2006, 07:32 AM
Hello fellow RP.neters!

I need some Utah-Idaho advice. I have a big problem. I dont have a clue where any good railfanning locations are. So heres my travel plans. I am coming from Pullman, WA and heading south to Boise, Salt Lake City (SLC), and then to Reno. I will hit the UP main line in Boise and follow it until SLC. From there, I'll be in SLC for probably 2-3 days then head to Reno (it'll be one LONG drive, but Ill have the UPRR to keep me company ;) ) and up to Keddie, NoCal, and Oregon. Im familiar with Donner Pass, Reno, any anything north of Kalamath Falls, OR. So, my question is does anyone have any advice on railfanning locations for the Boise-SLC stretch, Salt Lake City itself, the area around SLC, and Keddie-Wye area?

I was thinking some places:
-Lucin Cut Off (is it still operating?)
-Ogden is a must
-Places in Salt Lake City?
-Solider Summit (how heavy is rail traffic?)
-Any good canyon locations around Keddie?

One restriction: I cant travel more than 75 miles south of SLC.

I hate being totally clueless while railfanning. I've tried Googling these things, but not much helpful stuff. Thanks to anyone that can help!!!