View Full Version : NS 175 update (WC POWER) and a few power notes

E.M. Bell
11-29-2003, 10:39 PM
Due to a back up in traffic into Cinncy on the CSX early Saturday morning, all the NS Soutbound traffic has been screwed up. For those down South, expect TWO train 175's on Sunday. IF they dont get combined or ran around each other tonight, the First 175 will have NS power, while the Second 175 will have WC 6605 and 6622. They where running about 4 hours apart into Danville (KY) this afernoon. Second 175 is out of Danville about 1815 this evening.

Also of Interest, NS 229 departed Danville with a pair of Six axle GE's and Five cars (with only 4 loads).... I am not sure if this was due to the probelms in Cinncy or not, but it is strange to have 229 get South of Danville with that small of a train.

NS 133 had a NS D9 leading a patched SP SD45-2....that might be worth watching for a return trip North. He was out of DV this morning about 1000