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E.M. Bell
12-22-2003, 02:17 AM
Have you ever been out scouting out photo locations, and what looked like a good shot to the necked eye didnt really do well through the camera?? I had been scouting out locations to try a few night shots of trains and Christmas lights, and Three of us went out in the 15 degree temps Saturday night to give them a try. The first place was in Downtown Harrodsburg KY. They have the main street all decked out in American flags and white Christmas lights, which I thought would look good as a night shot. . We set up to shoot a Eastbound there, and once I had the shot composed I noticed that the funeral home on the corner had a bunch of ground lights to light up the building....which washed out the shot...I had to settle for this...a neat shot in itself, but not really what I had invisioned, and not enough train to upload to the data base.

NS train M-67 rolls through the quiet streets Of Harrodsburg at 10:30pm

Our Second location was near home. RP contributer G.W. Brandenburg and Robert James have an "enormous" display of lights set up in the field next to the NS main. Once again, we set up, trying to get as much decoration as we could with the train, but alas, the F5.6 7 second exposer was a little to much for all the white light, and there was just not enough train.. (this shot does not do justice to this location...this is just a SMALL part of the overall display)

NS train 61A streaks West through Salvisa, KY just brfore Midnight....

Of course, there is a joker in every crowd...and he HAD to shoot a shot of us freezing our rear ends off...

Caleb Herndon, J.M. Burdette and yours truely

Has anyone else tried thier hand at night shots with trains and the christmas lights..if so, let see them...