View Full Version : FYI for any one rail fanning the BNSF Needles SubDivision

Ken Carr
02-21-2004, 07:49 AM
Just came back from railfanning the Needles Sub, presently there are work crews working between Amboy and Siberia. This has cut down the daily trains considerably. Only work trains and Hotshots are allowed during the work gang hours.
The crew start to slow down in the mid/late afternoon and the flood gate of trains opens then.
The crews are friendly, but I forgot to ask how long they be working the line.
Of possible interest to those in the neighborhood or Barstow in the next day or so there's a FRA car at Needles.

03-28-2004, 03:35 AM
Hi Ken.
Awesome shots.
THanks for the info on the Needles Sub! I won't be getting to California in the near future, but nice to know :)

I'm modeling Needles all the way to Bakersfield in TRAINZ simulation, so using a lot of pictures here for research and decoration shots.

If anyone has TRAINZ and is familiar with the area, and wants to help test, please let me know and I"ll get them the route.

WOrking on several routes, CNOTP, Sandpatch, Fort Worth, MRL, etc.

I'm a model railroader, and so it is nice to not be limited by space! haha