View Full Version : New NS screensavers to download

E.M. Bell
03-12-2004, 12:47 AM
James Lilley and I have been working on a couple of new screensavers featuring the NS. These are available to download at the links below...be advised, these are medium size files, and dial up users may wish to allow time to download. Thanks to James for taking the time to put these together for us, To use, download to a temp file and then run the EXE file. Files should extract to the proper place on your harddrive..just keep hitting next! . If these are well recived, we may consider more in the future. All images used by permission.

# 1, EMD's on the NS Central Div. 10.9MB http://www.jeffersonappliance.com/downloads/nscendiv.exe
28 Images of fine EMD products hard at work on the CNO&TP and Louisville districts, in Kentucky and Tennessee, inlcuding Southern 4610, SD40-2's and a little color. Photography by Caleb Herndon, Steve Blake, James LIlley and E.M. Bell.

#2. Steam on the NS, 7.3MB, http://www.jeffersonappliance.com/downloads/Steam.exe
22 Images of N&W 611, Southern 4501 and N&W 1218 all over the NS. Photography by E.M. Bell

Hope yall enjoy these, and please let us know if there are any problems downloading or useing them.

05-01-2004, 06:18 PM
Just wanted to say thanks for the fine work and sharing the screensavers with the rest of us.
Course I had to add some shots from the old home to them on my computer too (Delaware & Hudson Sharks & PA's)