View Full Version : TVA Kingston Fossil Fuel plant and an ALCo

Jonathan Guy
03-31-2004, 07:27 AM
CSX unit coal passes the TVA Kingston Plant sign. CSX has trackage rights
across the NS's former Tennessee Central line to access the plant.

TVAX 13 - GE 80Tonner in a fresh blue & white scheme

TVA 027 - GP10 in a similar scheme hides in the enginehouse

***NOTE*** if you're planning on taking photos around Kingston, CALL FIRST
and make arrangements, even photos from public property draw attention. The
workers are very vigilant about security since 9-11. The TVA photos were
taken with permission and an escort. Be nice to them, they'll be nice to

Relco 711 - S1 - Working at Horsehead Development in Rockwood, TN