View Full Version : Foiled again!

07-10-2004, 04:00 PM
I have seen a BNSF ES44AC on 3 occasions. The first time (in February I think) I didn't have my camera, as I wasn't railfanning at that time. I was happy and sad.

The second time, I had my digital camera and I took a video. I was extremely happy that I now had proof of seeing a GEVO :D , but it was nothing I could send in to RP.net. :(

Now today, I was just at our town's Farmer's Market, and I had my camera. I got some pictures of Metras and the local freight. When I was finished, I was walkin home when I hear a train. There was no time to run up near the tracks, so I pulled out my camera and shot some pictures through some trees. And lo and behold, guess what it was! An ES44AC! Well, I have proof of seeing another one, but still not RP.net quality. Maybe next time I'll get a good pic....Yeah right! :lol: